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Portfolio & References*

This page is under construction! Events below are currently being added. Expect to see more in this portfolio soon.

*A number of past clients have generously offered to make themselves available as references for Good Stuff Events. Their names and contact information are listed below, and prospective clients are invited to contact them regarding questions about hiring Good Stuff Events. Please do not use this information to contact them for any other purpose. 


Photos by @moshiriously

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Wedding Coordination:

Becky & Carson

April 2022 | Butte Creek Canyon, CA | 90 guests

A labor of love and brimming with sincere meaning, this was an exceptionally beautiful wedding from the inside out. From preparing the venue and designing invites, to writing the emcee's script for the late-night dance party, to serving brunch the following moring-- Good Stuff Events is proud to have coordinated every aspect of this event from start to finish. Hosted on the private land of a friend of Good Stuff Events in Butte Creek Canyon, everything from the handstitched flags and axe-hewn pergola to the uniquely

intimate ceremony was designed, created, and produced by the couple and their friends and family. This meant that a great deal of Good Stuff's work was to organize these creative endeavors, source materials and designs for production, and direct a team of 20+ volunteers throughout the weekend of the wedding to put it all together and take it all apart.  The result was a sense of community and togetherness that just doesn't happen that often.  Coupled with the extensive care taken to feature and appreciate the inherent beauty of the land and natural surroundings -- it's hard to put how wonderful this day was into words or pictures. 

This client has generously volunteered to be a Good Stuff Events reference.  

Contact Becky: 

Day-of Wedding Coordination:

Alex & Elise

August 2021 | Laytonville, CA | 120 guests

Originally planned for 2020 but postponed for the pandemic, the rescheduled timing of this wedding wound up coinciding with a small festival gathering at the same venue (Mendocino Magic in Laytonville, CA) on the same dates -- which turned out to work great! A good number of friends overlapped between the groups, allowing the wedding to hold its own heartfelt ceremony, elegant (but fun) dinner, and meaningful space before pouring out into

the festival to enjoy the party. As the day-of coordinator of this event, Good Stuff was responsible for layout and décor of the dining space, management and flow of cocktails, dinner, toasts, entertainment, and transitioning into the festival. Truly, a lovely group of people, a lovely couple, and a lovely event. 

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Photos by @LevityInFocus

Photos by Greenfield Pet Photography &
Blurred Visions Photography

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1-Day Public Event:

Walk Woof Wag 

October 2021, 2022, and ongoing

Chico, CA | Approx. 375 guests

Begun in 2014, Walk Woof Wag is an annual dog festival and walk benefitting the Chico Animal Shelter's Medical Fund. It features games for humans and dogs to play together, crafts and activities for kids, education and information for pet owners, a group dog-walk through stunning Lower Bidwell Park in Chico, CA and everyone's favorite activity: the doggie costume contest. It's an adorable, fun time for a great cause. As is often the case with organizations that come to Good

Stuff Events for help, the folks who'd been leading this event before we came on in 2021 were exhausted, overwhelmed, and wanted Walk Woof Wag to go on but could not do it themselves any longer. It had been a few years since the last 'Wag (because of the Pandemic) so it was a perfect opportunity to evaluate what was already working and what it was time to change. Working closely with previous organizers, we simplified and improved the marketing, volunteer system, sponsorship program, swag and merch, booths and activities, registration, and so much more. Now the event is a blast for everyone (including the previous organizers who now look forward to collaborating on the event each year) and called "the best day of the year" by many a dedicated dog-lover in town. 

This client has generously volunteered to be a Good Stuff Events reference.  

Contact Shelly:

Multi-Day Public Event:

Stonewall Chico Pride

June - August, 2018-2021 

Chico, CA | Approx. 3,000 guests

Stonewall Chico Pride is the premier LGBTQ+ celebration in Far-Northern California (North of Sacramento) and includes a wide variety of events for people of all ages, identities, and interests. This event has changed a lot in its many years of production, and while Alyssa was at the head (approximately 2018-2021) it included public downtown festivals, performance showcases, art shows, huge catered community brunches, DJ dance parties for teens and for adults, and much more. 

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During the height of the pandemic (2020 and 2021) we got creative and came up with ways to celebrate and support the community while prioritizing health and safety. During those years, we partnered with local organizations and individuals to offer treats like a drive-in movie with local celebrity drag bingo called onstage; a "cook-along" with meal kits sold at a local grocery store and cooked by a local chef live online while customers cooked along at home, and a televised "Queer Variety Channel" recorded show of the stage performances and vendor booths our community was used to seeing in person. 

During Alyssa's time at Chico Pride, she was an employee. Potential clients are welcome to contact Stonewall Chico to inquire as a reference. Contact: 

Multi-Day Private Event:

The Gathering Paths Conference

August 2022 | San Jose, CA | 314 guests

The Gathering Paths was the first in-person conference held by newly formed nonprofit Between the Veils, an organization whose mission is to connect people who seek many different spiritual paths using Magick, folk or Indigenous practice, polytheism, and Earth-based spirituality through providing education, resources, and community.  Between the Veils is led by a Board of Directors who are largely LGBTQ+ and/or People of Color - and who formed this organization to make a place for people like themselves to practice without being excluded, harassed, or unsupported as is often the case.

Photos by @LevityInFocus

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to a guarantee of privacy for our non-presenting attendees, a limited number of photos exist which can be shared. 

Though the event was beset by many troubles including postponement due to a spike in COVID-19 cases, cancellations from headlining presenters, and even a fire in the hotel during the event (no one was harmed - in part thanks to our very effective safety and communication systems) the conference itself was wonderful and folks had a great time. 

This four-day gathering featured over 42 presentations, workshops, and services as well as a full vendors' fair, evening soirees, live music, a VIP lounge with special acts, kids' programming, and more. Good Stuff Events brought on friends and colleagues, hired a few select staff members, ran a full roster of volunteers, and provided structure, leadership, and support for all elements of this event. 

This client has generously volunteered to be a Good Stuff Events reference.  

Contact Nikka:

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